mobile Water Point Mapper:

The Water Point Mapper tool capacities have been integrated in the free, online tool mWater

With a mobile phone and the online mWater platform it is now possible to collect water point data geographical position and status and create immediate and meaningful maps.

The Water Point Mapper Wizard in mWater platform will help generate advanced and customizable data mapping including administrative level mapping.

mWater is a free tool which allows for survey data collection
with mobile phone and for real time data analysis and mapping:

  • mWater Surveyor mobile app allows to collect geographically reference data on water point, households, sanitation facilities, communities, schools and health facilities
  • mWater Portal, online allows to visualise and analyse data, create graphs, reports and dashboard, to store data and to map any dataset.
  • This allows for:

  • Real time data analysis and mapping: (from on-site data collection to online analysis and mapping)
  • Increase flexibility
  • Improved user-friendly process

The online Water Point Mapper Wizard helps users generate customisable maps that can highlight water services functionality, sustainability issues, equity, financing needs and planning needs.

Maps can then be shared, printed or saved online.