Sanitation mapping, a solution

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The Sanitation Mapper is a participatory decision-support   and   monitoring
tool which can provide information to inform local planning   at district and
sub-district levels. It has been designed to provide both area-based mapping,
such as improved sanitation coverage at the village level,   and point-based
mapping, for identifying of the distribution and status of   shared   latrines
in urban areas.

To help us improve the Sanitation Mapper, which is presently in Beta, and to
receive any software updates, please email to
The Software is designed to be accompanied by the Sanitation Mapper
User Guide.

Case studies

Note from the field -Sanitation Mapper: A tool for mapping and monitoring sanitation in low income countries ELISA ROMA, JOSEPH PEARCE, CHRIS BROWN and SIRAJUL ISLAM

Support for this project was provided through the SHARE research consortium and funded by the UK Department for International Development. The SHARE consortium is led by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine. Its other partners are the International Centre   for
Diarrohoeal Disease sss  Research,   Bangladesh, International   Institute   for
Environment and Development, Shack/Slum Dwellers International and